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The Swiss Knife Of Tracking Apps!

Humans are curious beings and that curiosity is also pointed at ourselves. Did I loose weight? Am I improving with my training? Did i spend too much on gas this month?

While many apps let you record specific data like diet or training, some parameters might have special interest just to you and no app can track them. KeepTrack aims to be the all-in-one solution for all your tracking needs. Define your own parameters by choosing a data type like numeric, textual or others and customize them for your usage.

No need to install and learn several different apps. Whether you are tracking your weight, training or your cat’s diet KeepTrack has got you covered.

Collecting Data Is Easy

Collecting data is key for tracking and KeepTrack makes this task easy and intuitive.

  • No need to type information repeatedly with our auto-fill options.
  • Change values easily with increment/decrement buttons.
  • Add notes to help you associate entries with related information.
  • Web interface to add your data from desktop
  • Export your data to CSV

Making Sense Of Your Data

After gathering some data comes the interesting part – discover yourself by getting insights on the tracked data.

KeepTrack’s main screen acts as a dashboard where you can view all your tracked parameters at a glance. Tap each tracker to delve into more detailed views of its data: graphs, charts, statistics and more. Each view offers customization options to highlight best the information your are looking for. The displayed data can be shown for a partial time period, aggregated in various ways or compared against other trackers.

Personal and Safe

When tracking personal stuff it is important to be personal so KeepTrack adds many customization options to make it look and behave like you want.

Keeping snapshots of your data both protects it and helps you manage large amounts. KeepTrack helps by providing a robust backups feature.

Want even more? Check our Additional Features page.

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